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Discover why you need to partner with us today! Here is what one of our customers had to say!

"As an independent communications specialist, Mike can work with any Voice over IP provider. Mike gave me three options that he was comfortable recommending for our needs. He gave me the pricing, services they would be providing for me, and an overview of where these companies stood in the industry. After presenting this to my Board of Directors I was given two other suggestions for providers from board members. Mike did the research on these providers so that my board members’ recommendations were appropriately considered. Mike’s insight concerning these two options was invaluable and it was obvious that my board members’ well intentioned suggestions were not right for for our FCU.  Once the decision was made Mike oversaw the contract I was signing, attended phone meetings to make sure that I was understanding what was going on, and made sure that all elements of the contract were being followed. In addition, Mike worked with us in the testing of our systems to make sure the system we chose worked with our data processor’s fire-wall (VeloCloud). He even went the extra mile and had our VoIP provider send a phone to me so that we could be sure that everything worked. This involved quite a bit of time on Mike’s part.  He stayed on top of things to make sure all the “bugs” were worked out. Overall, he knew the dynamics involved and what questions to ask in order to keep the process moving ahead.  Getting into VoIP seemed to be a huge maze to me and I had no idea where to start.  I had given up on the prospect of moving to a VoIP system. Mike found a provider who could provide an immeasurably better product at a price that was less than what I was paying for basic land-lines. Mike understands what services are available and knew enough to ask me about our credit union to understand what I needed and what services would accommodate our credit union.  Mike took the indecision out of the process for me. He was involved from beginning to end, and I am sure that I would not have VoIP if it were not for Mike. I am very grateful."  Happy Credit Union Customer!